Community Service Booth Applications

Call for SPAF 2017

Community Booths: Saturday June 24 + Sunday June 25, 10:00am – 5:00pm (2 days!)
Deadline to Apply: Friday May 26 at Midnight

The Skeleton Park Arts Festival offers space for community groups to set up a table in McBurney Park and meet folks the neighbourhood!

The cost of a community service booth is free, but you must meet our Acceptance Guidelines below.

Submitting your Application

Acceptance Guidelines

In accordance with the purpose and policy, the Festival only allows groups who:  

  • Are not for profit, charitable, or otherwise not a money making corporate entity.   
  • Are not a political party or religious organization   
  • Are appropriate for the diverse audience and age range of the festival goers, especially children.  

We have a small committee who decides if a group is appropriate for the Festival (ie, meets the above guidelines).  We reserve the right to refuse an application that does not align with the Festival mandate or the spirit of the McBurney Park Neighbourhood Association mandate.   

Participant Responsibilities

Community groups are asked to provide their own tables, chairs and tent (strongly recommended).

Ten foot spaces for each group will be clearly marked at McBurney Park. Please take only the space allotted to you, or Festival organizers will have to ask you to move.

We ask that your group can have the table staffed from 10am until 5pm on Saturday and/or Sunday, so folks have someone to talk to. Set up begins at 9am.

While at the Festival, community groups are NOT allowed to solicit funds in any way, whether through donations or sales. Additionally, community groups are NOT allowed to have a draw, raffle, or any other kind of gift-giving activity.  Community groups are encouraged to provide leaflets and informational flyers for people to take IF THEY DESIRE: aggressive flyering or leaflet giving will be stopped by festival organizers, and the group will be asked to leave.  Groups are also welcome to collect contact information of interested festival goers, again, not aggressively.

Please keep your display appropriate to the diversity of Festival goers, especially children.  Displays that offend or seem intended to cause conflict will be removed by the Festival organizers, and the group may be asked to leave.  Think “making new friends,” and work from there.

Groups are asked to keep their displays contained to the area provided for them, but which we mean please don’t stick up flyers or posters or flags or what have you in other places in the Park on the day of the Festival. If you have any special programming or workshop activities planned for your space please include an outline of these in your application. We want to ensure that any community service programming does not conflict with Festival programming.

Please note that the Festival reserves space for our sponsors which are in a different category than the community service info booths. These sponsor booths may not comply with the above policy. For more information about sponsors, see About Us.