June 24, 2017
10:00 AM

Catch the Birdbone Theatre animating Boxtopia and Sunday’s Porch Jazz Parade.

Birdbone Theatre makes puppet shows for Hard Times. It is faithful to beauty-making and feels obligated to raise a crooked little puppet finger here and there in opposition to the oppressive, unimaginative murk that weighs down upon the People when fear-mongering and business-as-usual narratives are passed off as storytelling. Birdbone theatre is Possibilitarian at heart.

We make puppet shows both smaller and larger-than-us, built from the materials at hand. We sing. We dance. We have collaborated with friends far and wide, and performed our work at festivals, punk bike shops, roma schools, union houses, anarchist squats, kitchens, sheds and theatres across Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, the eastern states of the U.S.A, and in Athens, Patras and Ioanina Greece.

Birdbone Theatre was founded by Alison Boyce and Aleksandra Bragoszewska in 2012 to apprentice courageous storytelling by way of puppet spectacle. It has since been graced by the strange and wonderful talents of: Hurdy gurdy goddess, Alison Gowan, puppeteer mistress, Kristine White, and drum-on-anything-man Christos Smirnios.